Driving Directions

Here are some general driving directions to the office of Dr. May W. Tape.  Select the closest description and you will be able to modify from there.

Richmond: http://dulin.me/1Jy34eA
Rosenberg: http://dulin.me/1DcbY0B
Sugar Land: http://dulin.me/1IstN7c
Fulshear: http://dulin.me/1SP2k5B
Needville: http://dulin.me/1IuafUm
Bridlewood: http://dulin.me/1MWilF2
New Territory: http://dulin.me/1ODJDkb
Pecan Grove: http://dulin.me/1MzRaD2
East Bernard: http://dulin.me/1fLldtl
Greatwood: http://dulin.me/1KBh7Sk
Canyon Gate: http://dulin.me/1KBh7Sk
Lakes of Williams Ranch: http://dulin.me/1MWjlZG